Plot Monchique for sale

Monchique – Samarrão
Building plot with project for 2 bedroom villa and pool.

Land: +-13000 m2
Price: 165.000 Euros
House: 200m2 (160m2 + pool in project)
Reference: 2208

Monchique Real Estate for sale Countryhouse

Monchique – Picota
Lovingly restored countryhouse with annex on prime location

Land: +-25000 m2
Price: 540.000 Euros
Energy Rating: E
Reference: 2230

Monchique Real Estate townhouse

Monchique – Town
Renovated townhouse in centre of Monchique.

House: +- 80 m2
Price: 175.000 Euros
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 1849

Monchique Real Estate villa with pool for sale

Monchique – Casais
Stunning 3 bedroom villa with pool and guest apartment

House: 280 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 2202

Building plot Monchique for sale

Monchique – Foia
2 hectare building plot with stunning views towards the South Coast

Land: +- 20.000 m2
Ruins: 166 m2
Price: € 200.000,=
Reference: 2222

Monchique countryhouse for sale

Monchique – Baranco dos Pisoes
Renovated Countryhouse on 1 hectare plot

House: 118 m2
Price: 118.000 Euros
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 2139

Real Estate Monchique countryside villa with pool for sale

Monchique – Picota
Colonial style villa on prime location.

House: 540 m2
Energy Rating: C
Reference: 1863

Monchique Real Estate Imochique

Monchique – Alferce
Terrain with ruin on level plot overlooking Alferce.

Land: 5000 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: F
Reference: 2032

for sale Monchique terrain with ruin

Monchique – Baranco do Banho
Terrain with ruin on top location.

Land: 4.000 m2
Price: 130.000 Euros
Energy Rating: Ruin
Reference: 1815

Renovated Townhouse Monchique for sale

Monchique – Town
Renovated townhouse.

House: +-100 m2
Price: 135.000 Euros (Lowered!)
Reference: 2045
Energy Rating: TBD

Alferce plot for building

Monchique – Alferce
Level plot

Land: 1.600 m2
Price: Negotiable
Reference: 2035

Imochique imobiliaria Monchique terreno a venda

Odemira – Nave Redonda
45 hectare plot with house and barns ideal for rural tourism.

Terrain: +-450.000 m2
Price: € 450.000,=
Reference: 1902

Monchique villa for sale

Monchique – Foia
Spacious villa with pool and splendid views.

House: 320 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: A+
Reference: 2145

Portela do Alquieve
Pristinely renovated farmhouse. Lowered!

House: 150 m2
Price: 275.000 Euros
Reference: 3042
Energy Rating: B-

Imochique terrain Monchique for sale

Monchique – Fonte Santa
Terrain with ruin in quiet valley near Monchique.

Land: 13.000 m2
Price: 65.000 Euros
Energy Rating: Ruin
Reference: 1965

Countryside villa Monchique for sale

Monchique – Picota
Charming Countryside villa with lovely views.

House: 207 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: B
Reference: 2067

Monchique Real Estate Countryside villa with pool for sale

Monchique – Caldas
Countryside villa with guesthouse and pool.

House: 100 m2
Reference: 2176
Energy Rating: TBD

Monchique Real Estate plot for sale

Monchique – Picota
Terraced plot with ruin in idyllic valley with stream.

Land: 13.700 m2
Ruin: 120 m2
Reference: 2196

Monchique Estate Agents Imochique

Monchique – Town
Spacious townhouse with stunning views.

House: 160 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: D
Reference: 1989

Building plot Monchique for sale

Caldas – Montinho
Approved building plot with amazing views.

Terrain: 2000 m2
Price: 300.000 Euros
Energy Rating: Not applicable
Reference: 2134

Monchique property villa with pool for sale

Monchique – Foia
Six Bedroom villa with pool on triple-a location.

Terrain: 7.600m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: D
Reference: 1889

Plot with water Monchique for sale

Rustic plot with plenty water overlooking Monchique

Land: 17800 m2
Price: 50.000 Euros (Lowered)
Energy Rating: Rustic
Reference: 2173

Ruin with approved project Monchique for sale

Monchique – Meia Viana
Terrain with approved construction plan.

Land: 2.612 m2
Price: 110.000 Euros (Lowered!)
Energy Rating: Ruin
Reference: 2152

Imochique Real Estate Monchique villa with pool for sale

Monchique – Picota
Spacious four bedroom villa with stunning views.

House: 370 m2
Reference: 1651
Energy Rating: TBD

Monchique traditional farm for sale

Monchique – Cerca da Rita
Well established farm with ample fruit trees.

Land: 12.000 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1607
Energy Rating: F

Monchique farm for sale

Monchique – Baranco do Banho
Traditional farmhouse on stunning terraced plot.

Terrain: 18.000 m2
Main House: 165 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1814

Monchique Real Estate for sale

Monchique – Meia Viana
Two storey townhouse.

House: 156 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1644
Energy Rating: F

development aparthotel plot monchique

Monchique – Foia
Rural tourism development

Land: 13 hectares
Price: Negotiable
Reference: 2020

Countryhouse for sale Monchique Portugal

Monchique – Picota
Countryhouse on top location.

Land: 60.000m2+
Price: 350.000 Euros
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 1812


Selão Branco
2 bedroom renovated farm on top of hill.

Land: 3000m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1501
Energy Rating: F

Farmhouse near Monchique for sale

Monchique – Selão
Renovated farmhouse bordering stream!

Land: 13.000 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1523
Energy Rating: E


Silves – Odelouca
5 bedroom villa with pool, bordering nature reserve.

Area: 4800 m2
Price: 350.000 Euros
Reference: 1533
Energy Rating: D

Townhouse in town of Monchique for sale

Monchique – Town
Two adjoined townhouses. Lowered!

House: 204m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1545
Energy Rating: F

Monchique terrain for sale

Monchique – Foia
2.4 hectare terrain with two ruins.

Land: 23.480 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1798
Energy Rating: Ruins

Imochique Monchique Real Estate

Monchique – Ribeira das Canas
Workshop and ruin near Monchique for sale, price lowered!

Land: 26.000 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1972
Energy Rating: G

Alferce – Picota
Terrain with building permit and stunning views!

Land: 97.000 m2
Price: 200.000 Euros
Reference: 2056
Energy Rating: Ruin

Casais – Town
Charming two bedroom townhouse.

Terrain: 200 m2
Price: 135.000 Euros
Reference: 1521
Energy Rating: D

Monchique – Foia
1 hectare plot with ruin.

Land: 9.160 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 5099

Monchique – Picota
Plot with ruin and approved construction plan

Land: 2.720 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 3061

Quality villa Monchique for sale

Monchique – Foia
Top quality 5 bedroom villa with large pool.

House: 400 m2+
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: B-
Reference: 1768


Monchique – Picota
Four bedroom villa with pool and guest apartment

House: 250 m2
Price: SOLD!
Reference: 2032
Energy Rating: B-


Monchique – Rua Nova
Ruin with existing building plan. Price Lowered!

House: 200 m2
Price: SOLD
Reference: 1404
Energy Rating: Ruin

Countryhouse with small garden for sale Monchique Portugal

Monchique – Peso
Three bedroom countryhouse.

House: +-70 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 1721


Monchique – Fornalha

Land: 30.000 m2
Price: 100.000 Euros
Reference: 2040

for sale in Monchique two bedroom villa with pool

Monchique – Casais
Villa with garage and pool on triple-A location.

Land: 8.200 m2
Price: SOLD
Energy Rating: TBD
Reference: 1734

Cottage with pool in monchique

Monchique – Brejos

Land: 2.500 m2
Price:   SOLD
Reference: 2017


Monchique – Buraco
Farmhouse on 2 hectare plot.

House: 200 m2+
Price: 150.000 Euros!
Reference: 1314

Monchique – Picota
Terrain with ruin.

Land: 4300 m2
Price: 85.000 Euros
Reference: 3062


Monchique – Valverde
Top building plot, price lowered drastically!

Land: 2 hectares
Price: SOLD
Reference: 2026

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